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Are You Being Lied to? Here’s How to Detect a Lie

Are you concerned that an individual may be trying to dupe you? Nobody has the superpower that allows them to know others thoughts, so this can be tricky. Nonetheless, if you are certain that the individual has reasons to hold back on what is true, there are some ways you can employ to find out the truth. Below are some methods you can use to tell whether you are being hoodwinked.

Look for Inconsistency in the Story
The truth has one version and one alone. When you ask someone to give you their version of what happened, their story needs to be consistent each time. Unfortunately, most times those who like to hoodwink you will forget their first version of the trust. Your job is easy; identify what changes in the versions of the truth they tell you. If you have a written statement or a recording, then this will work even better. This way there will be no refusing the difference.

Covering the Mouth and Lip Biting
This is another way of telling if someone is telling you a lie. Experts use this technique a lot when finding out whether there are things one is withholding. Sometimes one may use their hand to cover their mouth while they talk. Additionally, they may even bite their lips. According to Psychology, this could be a subconscious way of withholding what is true.

Repeating Your Questions
You can also tell when you are being lied to by monitoring the response to questions. As you ask your question, you need to be keen on how the person answers. Sometimes when someone is telling a lie, they will repeat the question you just asked them often. This is because thinking fast can be hard. Most of the time people will need to buy time and this helps do just that.

Not Recalling What they First Mentioned
This is another classic method you can use to know you are being lied to. It may sound like the first point mentioned. Nevertheless, they are different. Unlike the initial point where one may add new contradictory information; here, one fails to recall what they said to begin with. This is clearly a sign that you are being lied to.

Look at the Gestures and Hand Movements
For many years people have believed that detecting certain eye movements could lead to knowing a lie; however there are better methods of knowing this. People make a variety of gestures especially with the hands and they say a lot. A lot of the time, a liar will have an animated motion of hands, not to mention that their face may have misplaced emotions.

While it is next to impossible to know if one is lying, using these cues can help you get closer to the truth.

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