Making Room for Holiday Guests

It is time again to clean out the spare room in preparation for holiday guests. The yearly promise to treat that room as an actual guest room instead of a room to place extra items and belongings has been forgotten again and the room has far too many boxes, totes, and bags in it to move around. It will never comfortably sleep the in-laws at this current stage. This is the year that people can clean out the guest room and keep the promise of leaving it free of excess items into the new year.

Units in a Flash

An innovation in how people get access to storage units is making the process fast and convenient in the UK. It takes a smart phone and a few minutes. Go to the website and select the desired location. Pick a unit, pay for it, and an access code is sent via the smart phone. It is that simple. Items can be brought to the unit at any time.

If boxes will not fit into the tiny car, a van can be rented for transportation. If there is no time for loading and unloading, a mobile unit can be delivered to the house or business. It will be dropped off, so renters can fill it over the next few days. That unit will be picked up and taken to the location once it is filled. There is no need to load a truck and then unload everything in a different space.

No Contracts

Renters do not have to sign lengthy contracts because terms can be month-to-month if preferred. Depending on the location, renters can save money on promotional deals. The Bridgend location, for example, is currently offering new residential customers fifty percent off the cost of the first eight weeks.

Perfect Timing

The timing is perfect to clear out that guest room and keep it available for friends and family all year around instead of just during the holiday season. Getting ready for the holiday season will be easier each year without having to figure out what to do with all those totes. Instead of loading up that room, totes can go directly to the unit as needed.

Author: celine