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Importance of Shield of Faith Mission

In the year 2011, the shield of faith mission was set up. It was focused on causing transformations to the world in a more automatic manner. People who aided in coming up the mission were from different walks of life such as the veterans affected, the missionaries and many more. The main aim of this people was to cause an improvement to the lives of others in a way that is more suitable and extra productive. They wanted to offer all kinds of assistance to those who were affected directly by combat and make them feel no more grief.

Shield of Faith mission is established mainly to bring a renewed strength to the affected veterans as well as helping them realize the importance of living a harmonious life The main aim of this mission during its establishment was to assist the warriors who has scars as a result of war which are both visible and invisible. It is also purposed to give them tools that are essential to overcome the negative effects of war.

Another solid function of this shield of faith mission is to give assurance for a better tomorrow. About 20 veterans end up committing suicide daily. Decreasing the cases of suicide to a level as low as zero is a task mainly carried out by this mission. Donations meant to assist in curbing suicidal cases are usually collected by the mission. Healing the wounds of war on the affected individuals both physical and mental is the duty of the shield of faith mission. Prices are given to those selfless souls who make their donations to the mission. Whenever you make your contributions monthly then you qualify to be given a present by the mission just as a way of giving thanks. Example of gifts given are: bible, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and shield of mission pins.

The mission targets at making the youths and teenagers affected by war recover their happiness and live a life full of prosperity once again. Teens who are active in their religion are less prone to find themselves in problems. It helps them manage their lives and live in accordance with the charismatic principles. This helps them avoid temptations of the world The end result is that the veterans who may have been struggling with life end up in happiness and good health. Most veterans from shield of faith are living testimonies to the world.

The missions academy is important since you can obtain all the relevant information concerning life and learn more on how you can make positive changes in the lives of other people.

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