Are Cheap HP Ink Cartridges Worth the Price?

There are a multitude of websites that advertise cheap HP ink cartridges. It is important to discern if only the pricing is cheap or if the product is cheap as well. There is a world of difference between the two. A cheaply made product will not save money for buyers. A high-quality product at a cheap price will save money.

A Simple Question of Math

An original cartridge sells for twenty-dollars and prints one-thousand copies before a replacement is needed. A low-quality re-manufactured cartridge costs twelve-dollars and prints five-hundred copies before a replacement is needed. The business is spending twenty-four dollars to print one-thousand copies with a cheap product instead of the twenty-dollars spend when using an OEM cartridge. The total is a price increase of four-dollars with the cheap cartridges and zero savings is realized.

A high-quality re-manufactured cartridge that meets or exceeds the OEM performance costs the same discounted price of twelve-dollars. The business saves eight-dollars with every one-thousand copies it produces. Depending on the size of the business, that savings of over one-third the original overhead cost will add up quickly. Multiply that savings by two when the business also purchases inexpensive and high-quality toners and drums. In this example, the pricing is cheap, not the product.

Saving the Planet

Recycling ink cartridges keeps millions of containers out of landfills. New raw materials are not needed to make cartridges from scratch reducing materials, energy for manufacturing, and emissions from machinery. Pollution decreases, trees are saved, and energy sources are less depleted. The opportunity to save money and the planet at the same time is always worth the effort.

The Fastest Way to Find a High-Quality Company

It is impractical to search through every website that offers cheap cartridges for any brand. One indicator of a company that produces top-quality products is a guarantee. A money-back two-year guarantee on a re-manufactured product is rare in the industry, so place at least a minimum order with any company that offers it. Owners and managers can visit to get started with a cheap price. A rewards program is offered as well to save businesses even more money.

Author: celine