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Some Information About Paul Marciano

The first thing which you have to know about Paul Marciano is that he was born in the year 1952. He is also a Moroccan and an American businessman, fashion designer, investor and also a philanthropist. Moreover, he is quite popular being the co-found of Guess. He was able to win various Clio awards with the black and white investments that he made. The company was actually run first by the four brothers but only Paul and Maurice are running the company now. Moreover, what you need to know regarding Paul Marciano is that he is one huge benefactor to the larger Sephardic synagogues that is located in LA which is called Em Habanim. These are other things that you have to know about Paul Marciano.

An important thing that you need to know is that he was born in Morocco to such Jewish family. However, was raised in France together with his four siblings. They just lived in an apartment synagogue complex from that time when they were still 8 years to when they turned 15. Also, he was a member of that Jewish boy scout group which was located in a similar complex.

When he turned 15, he got involved in an accident where he and also his friend collided with such oncoming car. This accident then led him to spend seven months using the wheelchair. After a year and a half, he was able to regain full use of his limbs but was still not admitted to school due to his prolonged absence. Because he was unable to accomplish his education, he then decided to travel to Israel and he then lived in Kibbutz.

Paul Marciano actually worked in the family’s clothing line. He actually loved California when he visited the place and from then he wanted to fulfill his American dream and later established Guess. After those political changes in France, the brothers closed up the shop there and they then moved to the US. The clothing line established by them became very popular in so many parts of the world. Later on, they were able to sell 50 percent of Guess Jeans to Nakash brothers.

The products which Guess Jeans offered were first welcomed by Bloomingdale. They ordered a couple dozens of pair of jeans and they were so happy that these were sold quickly. This was then the beginning of how they became successful in their business not just in the United States but in other places too.

With his personal life, Paul Marciano actually got married two times. Paul’s first wife was a model and also a photographer. They had two kids in their married life. Later, he married another model and they also had two children.

Guess is now popular as a global brand and so many people love this brand. This is able to display sexiness and also an adventurous lifestyle.

The 10 Best Resources For Entrepreneurs

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